Hello World. Rachel Raab here. Creative Director and Owner at The Soda Shop. Can you believe we have almost been open for over a year? Hard to believe. Thank you Family and friends of mine, for all the love and support the past year. It has taken me almost 10 years to get where I am now. It feels like yesterday that I was moving to Daytona from orlando to study photography, and now I am in full time operations manager, creative director, designer, book-keeper, cleaner, seem stress, printer, secretary, cashier, dog washin’ loony. Soda shop kids truly enjoy working one on one with businesses and artists from all over. We hope that the home of our blog can tell more of a story than the photos we post everyday. We plan to share research and process intending to continue our education and expierence to make the our next project more formidable than the last. Whether you need a paper to hold your perfume scent or a custom package for your short film. We love the challenge and are pumped at what this next year can bring. Enjoy. Feel free to email me with any questions: Raab@thesodashop.com

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